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Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Alex De Carolis, and I am the Founder of ADC The Players’ Agency.  I am originally from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.  I am currently living abroad in Europe (Sweden) where I frequently travel back and forth from.  Below is a detailed description of what I have accomplished in my career leading up to this point.






  • 2012-2015  Graduated and obtained a Full Athletic & Academic Scholarship at the NCAA Division 1 Institution Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, United States of America.  I graduated from Canisius with a Criminal Law Degree. 

Amateur Playing Career

  • 2007-2011  St. Christopher Cyclones (Highschool) Team Captain

  • 2012-2015  Canisius Golden Griffins (NCAA Division 1/ University) Team Captain

Semi Professional Career

  • 2013-2014  FC London (PDL/ USL 1)

  • 2015  Seattle Sounders (MLS U23)

  • 2016  Nora BK (Sweden, Division 3)

Professional Career

  • 2017  Västerås SK (Sweden, Ettan Norra)

  • 2018  Umeå FC (Sweden, Ettan Norra)

  • 2019  Halifax Wanderers (Canada, Canadian Premier League)

  • 2020  Halifax Wanderers (Canada, Canadian Premier League) Team Captain

ADC Photoshoot.JPG

I am very happy with how my career has played out.  Being from a small hockey town the odds were always against me to become a footballer.  In the history of Sarnia, Ontario there has only been five NCAA Division 1 soccer players and ZERO professional players.  I had to carve my own path and enter the ranks blindly without anyone to follow or lookup to for guidance.

I pride myself knowing that I had to work and grind every single day to make a name for myself.  I quickly learned that you aren’t entitled to anything in this profession and you are only as good as your last game.  Professional players are truly small fish in a giant pond.  However, I believe living this lifestyle for my entire adult life has taught and transformed me how to build relationships, connect with people, and give complete transparency and honesty in what I have to offer.


I have built worldwide connections over the years from teammates, coaches, sporting directors, and other miscellaneous professionals in the industry.  I believe I stand out as an agent because I was a professional soccer player for many years, as well as having an accompanying Law degree which is vital for understanding how the legalities of contracts work.  I do understand the struggles that players go through mentally and physically on a daily basis that most people never understand.  Being a professional footballer is an extremely difficult career choice.  However, in my opinion, there is no greater job in the world! A player is at their best when all they have to focus on is the game, let me take care of all your needs off the field so that your focus is on the field!


Alex De Carolis 

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