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ADC The Players’ Agency (EST. 2021) is a Sports Management company that caters to the aspiring and current professional male and female football (soccer) players. Whether you are looking to play collegiate in North America, entering the professional ranks globally, or transferring between professional clubs; ADC is the agency for you. 


The soccer industry is always changing and being able to adapt both physically and mentally quickly is what separates the good from the great players.  It is our job at ADC to take care of our players off the field to the best of our ability so that the focus of the player is strictly on the field.  ADC will be with you every step of the way from full player representation, contract negotiations and renewal, social media, sponsorships, and much much more. 

ADC prides itself in quality over quantity.  You will never be just another number in the company.  We pride ourselves for being like “family” and will never stop the grind until the player is completely satisfied.

With ADC, you will have complete respect and transparency. Whatever level you are looking to compete in collegiate or professional, and or general advice, and personal feedback  we will do our best in guiding you along the way. 


Being a professional athlete is truly a rollercoaster of emotions from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.  It is however, the best profession in the world.  With ADC in your corner, you will have a former professional player who has “been there and done that” and truly understands the grind of what it takes daily to succeed.  


Let’s enjoy the ride together!

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